Tenders in Industrial machinery

Testinstallatie wassen bodemassen en waterbehandeling bij Twence

Hengelo OV, Netherlands 2018-12-14 00:00:00 2019-01-24 00:00:00

EA enterale voedingspompen tbv UMCG

Groningen, Netherlands 2018-12-14 00:00:00 2019-02-11 00:00:00

Purchase of Refrigerated Centrifuge

Colindale, United Kingdom 2018-12-14 00:00:00 2019-01-03 00:00:00

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Industrial machinery

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Air-conditioning installations Auxiliary plant for use with boilers Bending, folding, straightening or flattening machines Boiler installations Buckets, shovels, grabs and grips for cranes or excavators Calendering machines Centrifuges Centrifuges, calendering or vending machines Chemical industry machinery Coin press Command and control system Command and control system, Printing, graphics, Office automation and Information-processing equipment Commercial ovens Compressors Controller unit Cooking ovens, dryers for agricultural products and equipment for cooking or heating Cooling and ventilation equipment Cranes, mobile lifting frames and works trucks fitted with a crane Cremators Dairy machinery Die-stamping machines Dispensers Distilling, filtering or rectifying apparatus District heating boiler Elevators and conveyors Food, beverage and tobacco-processing machinery Forging machines Forklift trucks, works trucks, railway-station platforms tractors Furnace burners Fusion equipment Gas generators Gears, gearing and driving elements Hand-held electromechanical tools Heat-exchange units and machinery for liquefying air or other gases Heat-exchange units, air-conditioning and refrigerating equipment, and filtering machinery Hot-water boilers Hydraulic or pneumatic power engines and motors Industrial machinery Industrial or laboratory furnaces, incinerators and ovens Information-processing equipment Jacks and vehicle hoists Knitting machines Lathes Lathes, boring and milling machine tools Laundry washing, dry-cleaning and drying machines Lifting and handling equipment Lifting and handling equipment and parts Lifting, handling, loading or unloading machinery Lifts, skip hoists, hoists, escalators and moving walkways Linen ironing and folding equipment Liquid filtering or purifying machinery and apparatus Machine tools Machine tools for drilling, boring or milling metal Machine tools for finishing metals Machine tools for working hard materials except metals Machine tools for working stone, ceramics, concrete or glass Machine tools for working wood, bone, cork, hard rubber or hard plastics Machine tools operated by laser and machining centres Machine-tool dividing special attachments Machine-tool work holders Machinery and apparatus for filtering or purifying gases Machinery for cleaning bottles, packing and weighing and spraying machinery Machinery for cleaning, filling, packing or wrapping bottles or other containers Machinery for food, beverage and tobacco processing and associated parts Machinery for paper or paperboard production Machinery for processing cereals or dried vegetables Machinery for processing tobacco Machinery for textile, apparel and leather production Machinery for textiles Machinery for the heat treatment of gas Machinery for the heat treatment of materials Machinery for the industrial preparation or manufacture of food or drink Machinery for the production and use of mechanical power Machinery for the treatment of sewage Machinery for working rubber or plastics Machinery used in the manufacture of alcoholic or fruit beverages Machines for processing man-made textile materials Machining centre Metal-spraying machinery Metal-working machine tools Metal-working machining centre Milling machines Miscellaneous cleaning machines Miscellaneous general and special-purpose machinery Miscellaneous special-purpose machinery Motors Non-domestic dishwashing machines Non-domestic fans Non-domestic ovens Non-domestic vacuum cleaners and floor polishers Nuclear reactors Nuclear reactors and parts Numerically-controlled machines for metal Office automation equipment Oil, petrol and air-intake filters Ovens and accessories Ozone generators Pallet-picking system Paper, printing and bookbinding machinery and parts Parts and accessories for hard material-working machine tools Parts and accessories for metal-working machine tools Parts and accessories of machine tools Parts of calendering machines Parts of centrifuges Parts of cleaning machines Parts of dishwashing machines Parts of dishwashing machines and of machines for cleaning, filling, packing or wrapping Parts of filling machines Parts of filtering machinery Parts of freezing equipment Parts of furnace burners, furnaces or ovens Parts of gearing and driving elements Parts of general-purpose machinery Parts of hand tools Parts of heat pumps Parts of lifting and handling equipment Parts of machinery for beverage processing Parts of machinery for food processing Parts of machinery for food, beverage and tobacco processing Parts of machinery for paper or paperboard production Parts of machinery for textile and apparel production Parts of machinery for tobacco processing Parts of nuclear reactors Parts of packing machines Parts of pneumatic tools Parts of pumps, compressors, engines or motors Parts of purifying machinery Parts of refrigerating and freezing equipment and heat pumps Parts of refrigerating equipment Parts of rolling machines Parts of spraying machines Parts of taps and valves Parts of turbines Parts of wrapping machines Pipeline machinery Pithead winding gear, winches for underground use, and capstans Plain gears, gearing and driving elements Pneumatic hand tools Pneumatic or motorised hand tools Presses Printing and graphics equipment Pulley tackle and hoists Pumps Pumps and compressors Recycling equipment Refrigerating and freezing equipment Sewing machines Smelting furnaces Smoke-extraction equipment Soldering and brazing equipment Soldering, brazing and welding tools, surface tempering and hot-spraying machines and equipment Special-purpose electrical goods Special-purpose machine tools Steam condensers Steam generators Steam-generating boilers Surface tempering machines Taps, cocks and valves Taps, cocks, valves and similar appliances Textile spinning machines Textile-finishing machinery Thermostatic baths and accessories Threading or tapping machines Tool holders Turbine installations Turbines and motors Vending machines Ventilation equipment Waste incinerators Weaving machines Weighing machinery and scales Weights for weighing machines Welding equipment

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