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Mining, basic metals and related products

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Abrasive powder or grain Abrasive products Alloys Aluminium Aluminium, nickel, scandium, titanium and vanadium Artificial corundum Artificial graphite Ash and residues containing metals Barium Basic metals Cadmium Cadmium, lutetium, hafnium, tantalum and tungsten Caesium Caesium, strontium, rubidium and calcium Calcium Chemical and fertiliser minerals Chemical minerals Chromium Chromium, manganese, cobalt, yttrium and zirconium Clay Clay and kaolin Cobalt Copper Evaporated salt and pure sodium chloride Ferro-alloys Fertiliser minerals Fibreglass Gallium Glass Granules, chippings, stone powder, pebbles, gravel, broken and crushed stone, stone mixtures, sand-gravel mixtures and other aggregates Gravel, sand, crushed stone and aggregates Hafnium Indium Industrial diamonds; pumice stone; emery and other natural abrasives Iridium Iridium, gallium, indium, thallium and barium Iron Iron ores Iron pyrites Iron, lead, zinc, tin and copper Kaolin Lead Lithium Lutetium Macadam, tarmac and tar sands Magnesium Manganese Metal ores Metal ores and alloys Millstones, grindstones and grinding wheels Mining, basic metals and related products Miscellaneous non-metallic mineral products Miscellaneous ores Molybdenum Molybdenum, technetium, ruthenium and rhodium Natural calcium, aluminium calcium phosphate and crude natural potassium salts Nickel Niobium Niobium, osmium, rhenium and palladium Non-ferrous metal ores Osmium Palladium Potassium Potassium, magnesium, sodium and lithium Precious and semi-precious stones Precious and semi-precious stones; pumice stone; emery; natural abrasives; other minerals and precious metals Recovered secondary metal raw materials Recovered secondary non-metal raw materials Recovered secondary raw materials Related minerals, precious metals and associated products Related mining and quarrying products Rhenium Rhodium Rock salt Rubidium Ruthenium Salt and pure sodium chloride Salt in brine Sand Sand and clay Scandium Sea salt Slag, dross, ferrous waste and scrap Sodium Steel Strontium Tantalum Technetium Thallium Tin Titanium Tungsten Uranium and thorium ores Vanadium Yttrium Zinc Zirconium

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